Your Ultimate Guide to Spring Break Safety

Your Ultimate Guide to Spring Break Safety

Spring Break is upon us, and we know that many students will be traveling with friends. Whether you’re staying close to home or going out of the country for the first time, we want you to stay happy and healthy this Spring Break. We’re offering our top six tips for a safe and fun break.

Plan Ahead

Although it may seem easy to plan a spontaneous trip close to home with your friends, it’s always important to plan. Use travel tools to book hotels or Airbnb ahead of time.

Ensure a trusted adult has access to all travel documents and itineraries. With the Umergency app, you’ll have your insurance card, medical consent form, and other important documents easily accessible in case of an emergency. Check out some local guides for fun activities at any price range. Here are a few of our favorites. It might be fun to carry a disposable camera to capture memories along the way. That way, you’ll have something to look forward to when you get back and to share with friends.

Know Where You’re Going!

If you’re traveling outside the United States or Canada, make sure to check out the State Department’s website to know any travel advisories about the country you plan to visit. You should know, if traveling to Mexico there is new information indicating Mexican pharmacies who have been selling counterfeit pills laced with Fentanyl.

Buddy System

When you’re in an unfamiliar place, being aware of your surroundings is a must. That’s why it’s essential to implement a buddy system when traveling with friends. This means always having a friend or travel companion with you, especially when going out at night or to unfamiliar places.

Not only does this provide safety and security, but it also ensures that you have someone to share your experiences with. Make sure your phones are fully charged or carry a travel charger to ensure you have directions and contacts when you’re out and about. Before you leave home, make sure that your charger is compatible with the system in the country you’re visiting. Remember, safety should always be a top priority, and having a buddy with you can go a long way in keeping you protected during your Spring break travels.

Know Your Limits

If you’re of age, drinking can seem like a fun way to relax and unwind from your time off school. However, it is essential to know your limits and practice safe drinking. Although everyone’s metabolism differs, one usually metabolizes one drink per hour, which can put binge drinking habits into perspective.

Make sure to alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to pace yourself and stay hydrated, especially if traveling in a warm destination. Never leave any kind of drink unattended to prevent it being spiked with drugs. Again, always check that your phone is charged. This ensures you’ll be able to communicate with others and call for an Uber or taxi at night’s end.

Wear your SPF

Whether traveling to the snow or the beaches of Cancun, SPF is always important to protect your skin when out and about. Only five sunburns can double your risk for melanoma and increase the aging process immensely. The recommended amount is SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin outdoors, but be sure to incorporate other forms of sun protection like your favorite hat or sunglasses.

Umergency App

Umergency allows users to access critical resources when it is needed most, including the nearest local emergency services (police, fire and medical) and user-entered contact information (friends and family, classmates, roommates, dorm advisors, etc.).

Additional features include;

  • A secure copy of the student’s health insurance card
  • Digital medical consent form
  • Secure document upload

When help is needed immediately, the Umergency “Urgent Alert” feature sends an instant emergency notification to a student’s chosen contacts. The “I Am Safe” button allows users to notify their personal network when they are OK. Umergency also features built-in access to three of the most used national crisis hotlines—RAINN (National Sexual Assault Hotline), National Suicide Lifeline and National Poison Control.

At Umergency, we want you to have a fun and safe spring break. By following these tips, you can ensure that your vacation is memorable for all the right reasons. Stay safe, and have a great time!