Your College Checklist

Your College Checklist

It’s hard to believe that the new school year is upon us. Soon your student will be settled into their new surroundings and acclimated to college life. Everything is under control…until the unexpected occurs.

Whether you’re a student or a parent, most people — from both generations — don’t think about being prepared until it’s too late. That phone call during the night that everyone dreads. It’s estimated that every year 1 out of 4 college-age students will end up in the ER. That’s staggering and scary.

“When my daughter Alex called… it was the middle of the night… and all I heard her say was: ‘Mom, it’s really bad.’ My heart sank. Then the EMT got on the line and said ‘We’re pulling into the ER with a partial amputation. We’ll call you back.’ CLICK. My heart sank. I felt so helpless.” — Gail Schenbaum, Umergency Co-founder.

With her daughter in a new city, at a college far from home, Gail didn’t have the necessary information at her fingertips to deal with the emergency. What ER was she headed to? Who could she speak with? How could she get in touch with Alex’s RA or roommate? Not knowing where to turn for the fastest answers on her daughter’s condition left Gail desperate for information.

From that harrowing experience, Gail and her brother Barry created Umergency: The all-in-one emergency, health and safety app for college families.

Umergency connects students and their parents when they need it most — providing the most important resources and information to navigate through any emergency. Securely linked contacts, pre-populated on & off campus health/ safety resources, pre-signed consent form, urgent alert beacon with GPS location, and insurance card are right there at your fingertips.

Umergency Keeps You Prepared – Anytime – Anywhere.

Download Umergency for iOS and Android today!