Umergency gives high school and college students and their families the ability to navigate critical emergency, health, and safety situations. With a full suite of features designed to empower students with the resources they need to be prepared for any emergency. With 1 in 4 college-age students visiting the ER every year and mental health issues dramatically rising for both high school and college students, Umergency is the ultimate investment in your student body.

Friend, Roommate & Safety Contacts

User-entered contacts expand the reach of our service

Local Emergency Resources

Direct students to official and/or trusted providers

Digital Medical Consent Form

Allows parents to assist in the most serious situations

“Urgent Alert” and “I Am Safe” Buttons w/ GPS Location

Notifies trusted contacts when students need immediate help and are OK

Insurance Card Upload with Mobile Access

So the info is there when they need it

Securely Linked Accounts to Share Vital Data

Securely share vital information privately with trusted contacts

Students can download the app and instantly gain access to a wide range of pre-populated, critical information. And, with a few extra clicks, they can build their own Emergency Contact list and share it with their most trusted friends and family. Umergency is not a tracking app and instead, allows students to engage with loved ones, without encroaching on their young adult independence.

We’ve designed Umergency to keep parents involved at the student’s discretion, easing the load for administrators and building the skill sets of the younger generation. We’ve built the Umergency app based on feedback from hundreds of families across the country, ensuring that we’re delivering the most robust service to our users and the institutions they attend.

Are You a Leader In Campus Safety?

We know how important it is for you to keep your students safe, and we want to be your greatest ally in ensuring they are protected and empowered.

Umergency is and always will be free for your students, and is now available on iOS and Android.

For more information about how to bring Umergency to your campus, or to receive our Media Toolkit, please Contact Us.

Safe and prepared students are successful students. We’re with you all the way.