Fired Up for the 2021 Semester — Students Excited to Return Back to Campus This Fall

Fired Up for the 2021 Semester — Students Excited to Return Back to Campus This Fall

As the sun sets on summer, college campuses are prepping for a new dawn this fall. While every first semester is noteworthy, this year’s fall term has an extra significance for students. For the first time since the pandemic began, students can finally return to a non-Zoom classroom! Is it any surprise many college students are excited to return to campus this fall? 

Some students want summer to end faster so they can get back to authentic on-campus life. OK, maybe these students aren’t thrilled to hit the books, but they certainly are looking forward to a (somewhat) normal campus routine. Here are just a few of the experiences they can look forward to this semester. 

Connecting Without a Computer! — What College Students Are Excited About For This Fall 

The Thrill of In-Person Campus Traditions

Campus traditions are communal by nature. It doesn’t matter if you have the latest and greatest HD screen, there’s no way to simulate the excitement of Homecoming, Orientation Week, or rooting for the home team. Now that students can return to campus, they can participate in all these memorable events as intended.

Unsurprisingly, most students can’t wait to once again experience their school’s traditional events in real life. This semester, on-campus clubs may also provide the opportunity to socialize and express their creativity in live theater, music, and dance performances. Coming together as a campus family is an experience every student craves before graduation. 

Happiness & the Human Touch — Giving Back With Charity Drives

One of the most significant lessons students can learn is the value of giving back. And, what better way to appreciate the power of generosity than by giving in person? When students feel warm and fuzzy after volunteering, it’s hard to keep them from applying for other service-oriented events. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has complicated many community-focused drives and fundraisers. Organizers still have to weigh the health risks of setting up in-person meetings and fundraisers, even if they’re for a phenomenal cause. 

However, as more students return to campus, it should get easier to join volunteer groups in the fall. Many students are already itching to lend a hand to those in need with an on-campus organization.

Lunch Breaks & Morning Lattes — The Little Things That Keep Us Sane

A friendly smile. Coffee with friends. Lunch in the dining hall. These may seem like minor details in a college student’s life…because they are! But these activities are all about connecting, and these little moments add up to create what students later remember as the college experience. 

One of the unexpected lessons people learned during lockdown was what kind of impact little things have on mental well-being. People have also been forced to recognize the psychological benefits of having a daily routine—since COVID-19 certainly shook us out of our comfort zones! 

Many students say they’re looking forward to these fleeting moments that make campus life so fantastic. Chances are, students won’t take these daily gestures for granted this fall. 

Grab Your Highlighters — It’s Study Group Time!

While there are benefits to studying solo, many students thrive in group settings. In many ways, studying as a group is a quintessential campus experience. It’s here that students can bounce ideas off of classmates and learn from each others’ experiences. Also, group study sessions help avoid that oh-so-common college dilemma: procrastination! 

While digital study sessions are an OK alternative, there’s always a risk of technical difficulties. When students are in a room together, there’s an undeniable vibe that enhances focus. Even though students may have screens nearby, it’s far less likely to get distracted when studying in real life. Not only is learning in a group an excellent technique for acing tests, but it’s also one of the best ways to exchange ideas and make lifelong friends. 

Don’t Forget About Safety This Fall Semester! 

Students have many reasons to be excited to return to campus this fall. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t real safety concerns to prepare for. Of course, the pandemic hasn’t gone away, and the Delta variant is still spreading. Beyond COVID-19, students always need to be aware of their surroundings, especially when traveling at night.

Arguably, one of the best ways to ease students’ minds this fall is to download the Umergency app. With this app in their pocket, both students and their loved ones will be prepared for any health and safety emergency literally at the touch of a button. 

For more info on downloading Umergency on iOS or Android devices, be sure to follow this link.