Frequently Asked Questions

What is Umergency?

Umergency is an award-winning, emergency, health and safety mobile app designed for college and high school students, and their families. The app allows users to access critical resources when it is needed most, including the nearest local emergency services (police, fire and medical), on-campus resources (health center, student psychological health, nurse hotline, etc.), and user-entered contact information (friends and family, classmates, roommates, dorm advisors, etc.). For college students, local and on-campus information comes pre-populated and is specific to each student’s campus. All users can choose who to include in their personal networks of trusted friends and family. They can also decide what to share and with whom. Additional features include the ability to upload and share a secure copy of the student’s health insurance card and digital medical consent form, which can allow the student’s trusted friends and family to receive confidential information in case of an emergency. And when help is needed immediately, the Umergency “Urgent Alert” feature sends an instant emergency notification to a student’s chosen contacts. The “I Am Safe” button allows users to notify their personal network when they are OK. Umergency also features built-in access to three of the most used national crisis hotlines—RAINN (Anti-Sexual Violence Organization) National Suicide Lifeline, and National Poison Control.

How do I use Umergency?

In order to use Umergency you must download the app from either the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. You can also find links to download on our homepage. After your download completes, open the app by clicking on the Umergency icon on your home screen. Creating a new account is as easy as 1-2-3, and you’ll be taken through a short walk-through to familiarize you with the app and its many features.

Where do I download the Umergency App?

The Umergency App is available through the official iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. You can also find links to download on our homepage.

Can I use Umergency from my computer?

No. Umergency is designed to be used from mobile devices only.

Does everyone in my family have to download it?

Each student user must download the app to gain access to their campus’ info, and they will still be able to utilize some of the app’s functionality without sharing their Umergency information with a family member or trusted friend. However, in order unlock the full potential of the app, the student will have to add at least one other contact to their account who will also have to download and install Umergency.

What if my college or university isn’t listed in the app?

If your college isn’t listed in the Umergency App please fill out this form so we can get it included in our next update.

How do I share my information with other users?

After downloading the app and creating your account student users will be guided through the steps to add their Umergency Contacts. These are trusted friends and family who would be valuable lifelines in case of an emergency. As each contact is added, the student can decide whether or not to share their information with them, such as their personal contact info, Insurance Card, Consent Form, and Urgent Alert beacons. If a student decides not to share any information with a particular contact, that contact’s name, email, and/or phone number (if entered) will still be accessible to other users who have been granted access to the student’s account.

How is my information shared?

All user information entered into the Umergency App is shared only with those Umergency Contacts who have been granted access. For students, this means that your basic profile information (phone number, address, school name, etc) will be accessible to any other user whom you have selected to “Share My Info” with using the checkboxes on their profile screen. Additionally, if you choose to upload your insurance card, sign the digital medical consent form, and/or enter other contact’s information (like your roommate or dorm resident advisor), it will also be available to these users. Urgent Alert beacons are sent only to other users who have been selected to receive them using the “Add to Urgent Alert” checkbox from their profile screen. You can read the full version of our Privacy Policy here.

How does the Urgent Alert beacon work?

Umergency’s Urgent Alert allows students to send a pre-populated message to chosen contacts with the press of a single button. The message is pre-populated with a request for help and includes the student’s GPS location (if enabled within the app). In order to function properly, the student must enter the correct contact information for each recipient, including their email address (for email alert) and mobile number (for sms alert). If the recipient has an active Umergency account and has the app installed on their mobile device, they may also receive the Urgent Alert message via push notification. If the alert was sent by mistake, students may also cancel the alert by clicking the cancel button that appears after the Urgent Alert message is sent.

Is Umergency secure?

All of the personal data you trust with us is secured with industry-standard measures, both on your device and on our servers.

Is the Umergency information accurate?

We are firmly committed to having the most up-to-date and accurate database possible. Every piece of data is routinely checked for errors and updates, and we regularly test and audit all functions of the app to make sure you can rely on us when you need it most.

What if I find an error or I want to suggest an update?

If you find a bug in the app, including incorrect information or a problem with the software, please fill out this form.If you want to suggest a new feature, please fill out this form. We greatly appreciate your feedback.

What are your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

Our Terms of Service can be viewed at this link.

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at this link.