“With all the worries about today’s health crisis, every parent with a child in college needs this app!”

– Elize Z.

“We just got the app and my high school son had an emergency this week—thank you, Umergency!”

– Jackie H.

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Umergency puts key features in the palm of your hand with:


Umergency puts key features in the palm of your hand with:

“Urgent Alert” and “I Am Safe” Buttons

GPS enabled to notify linked contacts where to send help!

Instant Access to Emergency Health & Safety Vital Resources

Customized to your campus, local community, or wherever you are.

Securely Linked Accounts

To share critical data between family members and trusted contacts.

New Quick & Easy Sign Up for Parents & Students

Now, parents can sign up their students.

Digital Consent Form

Allows family to speak with medical staff.

Insurance Card Upload

Instantly accessible when you need it.

National Emergency Hotlines

Suicide Lifeline, RAINN, Poison Control.

Experience Umergency

NBC (Charlotte) Video—Check out this NBC News segment about how the app keeps college parents and their students ready for any emergency

Umergency “Explainer” Video—The world looks different now–here’s how Umergency provides what you need—anytime, anywhere—especially during today’s health and safety crisis

Umergency Brand Ambassador Videos—See what college students across the country are saying about us

Good News Rarely Comes In the Middle of the Night—How you can be prepared for every parent’s worst nightmare

Stuff Happens (Animated video)—Emergencies happen when you least expect it—see how this app will make sure you and your family are prepared

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